Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Step Forward for Naythan

Naythan has always had a hard time taking medications. We never thought we would get to the point we could get him to take his medications willingly. He now takes his Ultrase, ADEKs, Zantac and Scandishake willingly. He even tells me that he hasn't gotten them yet. We've made a chart to track when he gets them, so I know and his dad knows when he gets them, how much, and when. Our hardest problem has been his Nebulizer and The Vest. Today we're going to try getting him to take his Nebulizer for his Pulmozyne again. Then the next challenge will be The Vest. He's been scared to death of it. He hopefully will have the support of his sister and be able to do it!

Intro To Naythan

Naythan is my handsome little man. He's 4 now. He has Cystic Fibrosis. He has many daily battles that we overcome and he is stronger for them. Right now, his biggest battle is putting on weight. He's also working on doing all of his medications. Right now he has 5 different medications and 1 Chest Therapy. He takes Pulmozyne, which is an inhaled steroid once a day. He takes Ultrase, which are enzymes with all his food, which is 3 before each meal or snack at the moment. He takes ADEKs, these are vitamins that the he doesn't absorb the same way we do. He's on Zantac, this helps his enzymes to work better. He takes Scandishakes, which are a powder that is mixed with milk to create a shake of sorts that have over 600 calories for him. We've been fighting to get his weight up higher. He also does Chest Physical Therapy. This is done with a machine called The Vest. It helps to loosen the mucus in his lungs to help him breathe easier. He's about 37lbs now and needs to be at least 10lbs more at the moment.