Monday, October 12, 2009


After much fighting and arguing with doctors. We had gone to Michigan State University ER yesterday, got a diagnoses of Pnuemonia. Told me to follow up with my Peds doctor today and that's exactly what we did.

Went to see the PEDS doc today and just came home. She finally got through to Children's Hospital, and our Doctor who said he just had Asthma. He still didn't believe her, but said if it'll make you happy we'll find him a bed by the end of the week and get him on some IV antibiotics. Before she could even get back into the room to tell me, the nurse was calling me to tell me that they'll have a bed for him tomorrow morning! Finally something is getting done. I feel horrible having to play this stupid game of pitting doctors against each other, but I needed to get this done for his own health and safety.

His Peditrican believes that he if doesn't have Psuedomonus, he's got an oral antibiotic resistant bacteria growing in his sinuses. I hate to put him on these, but nothing else is working. She's afraid if we wait too long it'll be too late. That's what I think too. I'm glad to have a doctor that I love somewhere in his care.