Sunday, November 15, 2009

CF and Pregnancy

CF and Pregnancy is the main topic right now going on and a few people have made comments back and forth whether or not they would have a child if they had CF. Here is my opinion: (THIS IS JUST MY OPINION DO NOT SEND HATE MAIL PLEASE!)

I believe that CF is a horrible disease. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. With that being said, I would have never terminated my pregnancy with my son even if I knew he had CF. This is my child. Would I have gotten pregnant again after if I had known about CF first? Honestly, then I would have told you NO! I wouldn't have put it on another child. But now, I think of it this way. This is my child, this child is born with whatever they are born with because God (or the Goddess) (or whatever religious figure you believe in) decided this is what will make my child the person they are and I don't have the right to change that. 

My son is a wonderful little boy and he deserves every chance in the world, just as if he didn't have CF. Now, I ended up pregnant 2 months before I found out my son has CF. I had a choice at that time to end the pregnancy I had. I would have NEVER done that. I love my daughter very much, and she thankfully doesn't have CF. Now I don't know if either of my daughters are carriers, that will be tested once we know what Naythan's markers are and it'll make it much easier to test. I'm debating testing myself at this point. 

What do you think about CF and pregnancy? I would have liked to know that my child has a possibility of having CF during my first pregnancy. I was never tested as I was in a little town in Iowa. My son was born in a hospital in Florida, and CF was not a newborn screen at the time. If you have a baby, please check to make sure CF is a newborn screen. If it isn't, ask your doctor about screening for it. It's much harder if you have to wait years for a diagnoses. I would have rather known from the beginning. A lot of the things I let my son be exposed to from a young age I would have NEVER done had I known. 

I would have never had the problems I had with the food and things with him and weight gain as a child. Please let me know how you feel, and let others know how you feel. I'd love to see your comments!