Monday, November 30, 2009

Our new Blog Schedule

I was given the suggestion that I think of daily themes for the blog and write something along those themes for that day. I think it's a great idea and here is how the blog will go now:

Monday- Mommy Monday (Showcasing a new mom or every week, especially those who have CF children)

Tuesday- Trusting Tuesday (Inspirations to help us learn to trust ourselves and trust others with our CF children)

Wednesday- Wishing Wednesday (This is a day for just about anything, from things that we wish for our children, to wishing for ourselves, to wishing for life. Picture day and such for this day)

Thursday- Treatment Thursday (The different treatments that come with CF and how they are working, ideas, comments, and suggestions on how to do them better, or easier with our children)

Friday- Frustrating Friday (Let's us get out our frustrations with CF and other childhood things)

Saturday- Step Up Saturday (This day is a day to challenge myself and to challenge others to step up and do something new, or stick to a schedule, or do anything they have been putting off. Each week we'll update our progress)

Sunday- Showcase Sunday (Showcasing a new person with CF or a CF mom every week. Especially those with blogs)