Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Learning to Trust

Here for our first Trusting Tuesday....
 Today I learned that I have to find enough trust in myself to learn to trust those I was leaving my son with for 1/2 day preschool. I was scared to death to send my little boy off to a place where I couldn't control the environment and deal with keeping things clean. Tons of germs and tons of sick kids. Well, I had a teacher meeting and they have dealt with CF kids before. I have trusted myself to send him. He is so much happier, and is enjoying himself at school. I am trusting his teachers to keep things clean and know his needs. They let him take his pills on his own and such, so he's happy and growing up! Maybe as we see that he'll stay healthy, then we'll be lucky and he'll be able to attend regular school next year. Time will only tell.