Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trusting Tuesday

Hello all dear followers. Today is trusting Tuesday! I know we didn't have any blogs for Sunday or Monday and that's because I have yet to find anyone to write spotlight blogs for me. If you would like to be featured or have your blog featured please leave me a comment so I can get with you to have you write something up. I'd love to showcase as many people as possible. So that's your challenge from me, and I'm trusting that I will find a lot of people who want to be showcased. 

Along the lines of trusting people, tomorrow is clinic day. I'm quite worried about a lot of things. Naythan's having his fecal fat test re-done because the stupid lab did it wrong. So I have to take it with me to the lab up at the clinic. Oh fun a 2 hour drive with a container of poop. Not my idea of fun. Also, he'll be getting an x-ray of his bowel to see if he is having a blockage or other troubles.

Naythan also has his first PFT's done tomorrow. I'm totally not sure what is going to happen. He's not feeling well at all. I'm also worried about all the snow. The city I'm going to is expecting at least 5inches of snow and winds up to 55 miles an hour while I'm there. So I'm making sure to pack just in case of an emergency.